• August Heinrich

    August Heinrich (Sold to the Metropolitan Museum in New York)

  • Adolph von Menzel

    Adolph von Menzel (Sold to the Art Institue of Chicago)

  • Francois Habert

    Francois Habert (Sold to a private collector)

  • Vilhelm Hammershøi

    Vilhelm Hammershøi (Sold to Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen)

  • Corot_

    Jean-Babtiste-Camille Corot (Sold to a private collector)

  • Valckenborch Kopie

    Lucas van Valckenborch (Sold to a private collector)

  • Balke_See(2) Kopie

    Peder Balke (Sold to Statens Museum in Coopenhagen)

  • Johan Christian Clausen Dahl

    Johan Christian Clausen Dahl (Sold to Museum Greifswald)

  • Jakob Philipp Hackert

    Jakob Philipp Hackert (Sold to a European private collector)

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